How to Type a Cubed Symbol

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The proper format for the cubed symbol is to place a smaller "3" at the top right of the number or variable it modifies. In Windows 8, you can use the character map, Alt codes or the superscript effect to create this symbol, but only if you're working in a program that supports the formatting or character. If your plain text program doesn't support special characters or formatting, represent the cubed symbol with a caret followed by the number 3, such as "^3."


Using the Alt Code

If your program supports it, the quickest way to add a cubed symbol is through its Alt code. Hold down the "Alt" key and type "0179" without quotes. When you release the "Alt" key, the cubed symbol appears. However, this Alt code isn't universally supported, so if you're getting strange results, try using the Character Map or superscript effect.

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Using the Character Map

You can find the Character Map by searching for it in Windows 8's Search screen or pressing "Win-R" and then entering "charmap." Type "superscript three" in the search field and press "Enter" to locate and select the appropriate symbol. Click "Copy" to copy it to your clipboard. You can then return to your program and press "Ctrl-V" to paste the character.


Using the Superscript Function

All word processors, including WordPad, include superscripts; only the most basic lack this feature. Press the "Superscript" button and type a "3" to format it as a cubed symbol. Click the button again to return to normal font, so subsequent text does not appear with the same format as your cubed symbol. You can also highlight a normally formatted "3" and click the "Superscript" button to change it.





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