How to Type Hugs on Facebook

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Type character sequences that symbolize hugs to your Facebook friends.

A hug is a great way to show your affection for a friend, as well as to provide support. If you're a fan of hugging your friends in real life, you might also want to "hug" them on Facebook by typing characters that symbolize hugging them. For example, if you can't be with your friend in person when she tells you that she just got a great new job, or you want to console someone who indicates on his Facebook page that he's feeling sad, but you can still reach out and hug people by typing on your keyboard.


Step 1

Launch your Web browser, log into Facebook and start writing a message to your friend.

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Step 2

Type three open parentheses followed by three close parentheses: "((()))" to send a lot of hugs to someone.


Step 3

Type a colon, followed by a capital letter "D" and then the "Less Than" symbol: ":D<" to represent giving someone a hug.

Step 4

Type a colon, followed by an close parentheses and then a capital letter "X:" ":)X" to signify you wrapping your arms around the person you want to hug.



Step 5

Type two open parentheses, followed by the word "hug," and then type two close parentheses: "((hug))" to send someone a literal hug.

Step 6

Type the "Greater Than" symbol followed by four dashes, an open parentheses, a caret, an underscore, a caret, a close parentheses, four dashes and the "Less Than" symbol like so: ">----(^_^)----<" to depict a person with arms stretched widely to give a hug.



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