How to Un-install Launcher on an Android

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How to Un-install Launcher on an Android
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Launcher is an Android application that replaces the default Android home screen (called the "launcher") with one that is more customizable and, for some phones, offers more speed. If you're having issues with your phone and you think Launcher might have something to do with it, uninstalling the program is the best way to remedy the issue. In just a few steps, you can learn how to uninstall Launcher from your Android phone.


Step 1

Press your phone's "menu" button while at the home screen, and then tap "Settings."

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Step 2

Tap "Applications," and then choose "Manage applications."


Step 3

Scroll through the list of your installed applications until you reach "Launcher." Tap on the application to view its installation settings page.

Step 4

Tap the "Uninstall" button near the top of the screen. Allow a minute or two for the application to be removed. Android will alert you when the application is un-installed and, at that point, you can press the "home" button on your phone to return to the home screen.