How to Unblock a Netgear Firewall

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Many Netgear routers come equipped with a built-in firewall, in order to protect your network from attack. However, firewalls, in some cases, can prevent applications from maintaining a good connection with both your network and the Internet.


While it is not recommended, if your Netgear router is preventing certain programs from accessing the Internet, then you can disable the firewall through the router's settings.

Step 1

Click "Start," then click "All Programs." Click the "Accessories" folder, then select "Run."

Step 2

Enter "cmd.exe" into the dialogue box. Click "OK" to launch Command Prompt.


Step 3

Type "ipconfig" into the window, then hit "Enter." Enter the set of numbers next to "Default Gateway" into the address bar of an Internet browser, then hit "Enter" to go to your Netgear router's setup page. Do not close Command Prompt.

Step 4

Enter your Netgear router's name and password. Click "OK." Click the "Security" tab, then click "Firewall Rules."

Step 5

Click the "Add" button under the "Inbound Services" section to create a new rule.


Step 6

Click "Any" from the drop-down next to "Service," then click the "Allow Always," located next to "Action."

Step 7

Enter your IP address in the "Send to LAN Server" field. Return to Command Prompt to check your IP address if you are not sure what it is.

Step 8

Leave the remaining settings as is, then click "Apply." Return to the "Firewall Rules" page. Check the box next to the new rule you created, then click the "Enable" button.


Step 9

Click the "up" button until the rule you just created is on top of any other rules in the "Inbound Services" section. Click "Logout." You may need to restart your computer or your Internet connection for the changes to take effect.


Disabling your Netgear router's firewall will render your network vulnerable to attack.