How to Undo *67 on My Own Phone

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The *67 function is used to block caller ID on a per-call basis.

The 67 function is used to block caller ID on most phone systems, hiding the caller's phone number from the recipient. It is a "one-time" function, meaning that when a person dials "_67" before dialing a phone number, it blocks the caller's number from caller ID for that call only. Phone lines sometimes retain an electrical charge that needs to be cleared. The electrical charge can cause issues like noise on the line, _67 or call display problems, and even a loss of dial tone. If the 67 function remains active for calls after the one for which you intended, some troubleshooting is required.


Step 1

Clear the phone line by using the applicable method based on the phone type. If the issue concerns a landline phone, the line can be cleared by unplugging each phone in the home from its phone jack and power supply, waiting 30 seconds, then plugging them back in. A cell phone is cleared by turning the phone off, removing the battery, waiting 15 seconds, then replacing the battery and turning on the phone.

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Step 2

Ask a friend or family member to call the affected phone. Receiving a call sometimes forces the line to clear.


Step 3

Call the phone service provider's technical support department. Technicians can force the line to clear, which should turn off the *67 function.

Step 4

Make a test phone call to verify that the caller ID is no longer blocked. Once the line is clear, the caller ID should appear as normal.