How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

By Andrew Tennyson

Learn how to use the Friend drop-down menu on your Friends screen or on friends' Timelines to unfriend people on Facebook.

You can unfriend someone on Facebook using either the Friends section of your own Timeline or the Friend button located on your friend’s Timeline. When you delete a friend, she is not sent a notification. However, she is removed from your friends list and you are removed from hers. If someone is harassing you on Facebook, use the Block feature to block that person from interacting with you entirely.

Unfriend Via Your Friend's Page

Step 1: Click your name on the main menu along the top of the Facebook website to load your Timeline.

Step 2: Click Friends to load your Friends panel, which contains a list of all of your friends.

Facebook (Chrome)

Step 3: Enter in the Search field the name of the person you want to unfriend.

Facebook (Chrome)

Step 4: Click the Friends button next to the person you want to unfriend and select Unfriend on the drop-down menu.

Facebook (Chrome)

Unfriend Via the Person's Timeline

Step 1: Use the Find Friends field along the top of the page to search for the person you want to unfriend. Click the person’s name on the search results to load his Timeline.

Facebook (Chrome)

Step 2: Click the Friends button on the right side of the person’s Timeline header image and select Unfriend to remove the person as your Facebook friend.

Facebook (Chrome)

Deleting Facebook Friends on Your Mobile Device

To unfriend someone using the Web browser on your smartphone or tablet, you need visit the person’s profile page. Once you’re on the person’s profile, tap the Friends button and select Unfriend. The same process applies when un-friending people using the official Facebook app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Blocking People on Facebook

If you no longer want someone to interact with you at all on Facebook, block him. Blocking a person on Facebook prevents him from adding you as a friend, sending you messages, seeing your Facebook profile, tagging you, and inviting you to events and groups.

To block someone, click the Privacy button on the main menu along the top of the Facebook website and select How Do I Stop Someone From Bothering Me. Enter the email address or name of the person you want to block and then click Block.

Facebook (Chrome)

Bulk Friend Deletion

Facebook used to have a tool that enabled you to delete multiple friends at once. This bulk deletion tool is no longer available, as of publication. The quickest way to delete multiple friends is to use the Friends section of your Timeline as outlined above.

If you use the Google Chrome Web browser, there is an add-on called Facebook Mass Delete Friends that's designed to help you delete multiple friends relatively quickly. However, in practice, it offers essentially the same functionality available through the Friends section of your Timeline.


If you want to remain friends with someone but no longer see her posts, unfollow her. Unfollowing someone means her posts no longer show up in your News Feed. By remaining friends, however, you can still view her posts by visiting her Facebook page.

To unfollow someone, go to her Facebook page and click the Following button located on the bottom-right side of her cover image, which is the big image that spans the top of her page.


You can't add a friend back to your friends list by yourself. Instead, you need to send the person a friend request and she must authorize you as a friend again.


If you've sent someone a friend request and changed your mind about wanting to be friends, you can delete the request before the person accepts it. Open your Find Friends screen and click Delete next to the friend request to cancel it.