How to Uninstall the Bing Toolbar From Your Browser

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The Bing Bar browser add-on
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

The Bing Bar, sometimes referred to as the Bing Toolbar, is a free Internet Explorer browser add-on that replaced Microsoft's MSN Toolbar. Some programs install the Bing Bar by default unless you opt out, and it also may come installed with Windows on certain computers. The Bing Bar is not malicious or considered malware, and it can be uninstalled through the Windows 8.1 Programs and Features setting.


Step 1

Open the Control Panel’s “Programs and Features” setting.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Open the Control Panel's Programs and Features setting, using either the Home screen's Search function or by selecting the "Start" button and entering "Programs and Features."


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Step 2

Select "Uninstall" on the "Bing Bar" entry.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Right-click the "Bing Bar" entry and select "Uninstall."

Step 3

Click "Yes" to confirm the uninstallation.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Click "Yes" at the prompt to confirm you want to uninstall Bing Bar. Windows launches a window detailing the uninstallation progress and then opens an Internet Explorer window with an uninstall survey.


Step 4

Complete the survey only if you wish.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Complete the survey. You are not required to do so; the toolbar is uninstalled already.


You can also access the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel using the Search function and entering “appwiz.cpl.”

To avoid reinstalling the Bing Bar in the future, consider each option when you install new software, as many computer manufacturers and software companies bundle non-native software by default; you may need to explicitly uncheck a box to avoid installing software you don’t want or need.

You can disable the Bing Bar rather than uninstall it. From within IE, click the “Tools” menu resembling a gear and select “Manage Add-Ons.” Scroll to the Microsoft Corporation section, select “Bing Bar” and click the “Disable” button. After Bing is disabled, the main browser window re-opens, and the Bing Bar does not display.

Windows 8.1 enables Bing search directly from the Start screen, meaning that any search query automatically returns Web results. While this feature may be helpful, you can turn it off by choosing “Change PC Settings” from Settings and then selecting “Search and apps” to disable it.