How to Uninstall Vizio Widgets

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The streaming Netflix widget reduces the need to fuss with Netflix envelopes.

As technology advances and the ever-expanding reach of the Internet grows more pervasive, the line between computers and consumer electronics is beginning to blur. Case in point: Vizio televisions. Vizio offers several HDTVs that can tap into your home network and bring some basic Internet functionality into your living room through widgets called "Vizio Internet Apps." Many of the top Internet services already offer Vizio apps, including Netflix, Pandora, Hulu and Flickr. If you end up with an app that doesn't work or you just don't use, you can uninstall Vizio widgets quickly with your television's remote control.


Step 1

Turn on your Vizio HDTV.

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Step 2

Press the VIA button -- short for "Vizio Internet Apps" -- on your remote control. You widgets appear on-screen.

Step 3

Scroll through your widgets using the directional buttons on your remote. Stop once you've reached the app you want to delete.


Step 4

Press the yellow button on your remote. Several options for the app appear.

Step 5

Press the red button on your remote to uninstall the widget.