How to Unlock a Computer Without a Password

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If you have found yourself locked out of your computer for any reason, the following simple steps will allow you to gain access to your system and to assign a new password. These instructions unlock the computer and will let you see the user accounts that are on your system and you can change or delete them once you enter the system. These instructions are for use on Windows OS (operating systems).


Step 1

Select the "Start" icon in the lower left corner of your computer screen


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Step 2

Type the word "run" in the window that appears. A second pop-up window will appear; type in the letters "cmd," then select "OK." This will bring up the black DOS command screen.

Step 3

Type next to the administrator account the following command: net(space)user(space) the username(i.e. johnadams) *. After typing this command, hit "ENTER" on your keyboard.



Step 4

Type in a new password in the command screen prompt that ask you to type a password. Type the new password again once you are asked to confirm.

Step 5

Type the word "Exit." This will bring you back to your login screen. Enter the new password that you selected.



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