How to Unlock a DVD Player Region Code

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If you have an interest in DVDs from other areas of the world, you may be familiar with the term "region code." When an individual buys a foreign film, it's possible that the DVD received has been given a unique region code relative to the area of the world in which the DVD was created. Viewing the contents of these discs can be difficult if you're located in an area other than the one noted on the disc. Fortunately, you can follow a few simple steps to unlock DVDs tagged with DVD multi-region codes.

Evaluating Region Code DVD Hacks

The primary purpose for placing a region code on a DVD is to combat piracy. These codes can make it difficult for individuals using DVD players in different regions of the world to access any content on the disc. The unlocking process, however, is not too difficult. So let's take a look at instructions for the unlocking process for an LG DVD player.

As a first step, power on the DVD player and open the DVD disc tray. In many of these situations, the tray must be open for unlocking to work. Once the tray is open, access the "Home" menu options on your DVD player by pressing the corresponding button on the remote. From here, press "Setup," and then choose the "Lock" menu option.

When prompted, you'll need to press the "0" key seven times, resulting in a display of "0000000." After pressing the "OK" button, you should receive a message on your DVD player stating "Region Free." This status update implies that your DVD player should now be capable of viewing DVDs tagged with various other region codes.

To test whether your equipment has been properly unlocked, place a DVD which is known to have a different region code inside the device. If your device has indeed been unlocked, you should be able to access the contents of the DVD with no difficulties at all.

Exploring Other Options

Although the instructions provided here can be used for an LG DVD player region code unlock, you may find yourself needing a different set of instructions for unlocking other brands of DVD players. Generally speaking, however, the process described in the example above can be replicated with only slight modifications for the majority of DVD player brands. Fortunately, a simple internet search can provide a trove of information about this process. As a general rule, you should consult a variety of sources in order to ensure that any process you engage in won't damage your equipment.