How to Unlock TomTom GPS

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Unlock TomTom GPS

I have used several different GPS manufacturers' GPS devices, personally I like TomTom better than Garmin and I believe TomTom 702 GPS device has the best price and function ratio, also it is very easy to upgrade to TomTom 940 by yourself which will save you about $300.


Below I will describe how to unlock TomTom 702 GPS. In essence, all it requires is a new license file (.dct) generated based on your device ID and the MAP info. Please note this example is based on Mio C320,it should be similar on other devices.

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Step 1

First step, your need to decompress your MAP to ROOT of your SD card. Like SD_Card USA_and_Canada.

Step 2

Second step, edit DeviceID.txt, replace it with your ID (Ten letters or numbers). ID can be found From SD_Cardttnavigator.bif search DeviceUniqueID=xxxxxyyyyy)


Sample like this: AB2ZLCVYPE

Step 3

Third step, edit ProgsMeta.txt

This meta data is associated with the map you want to use.

Sample like this:

; USA_and_Canada_825_2210


71 83 F7 AB C5 DE 8D 79 30 CB 06 29 7C 46 7B 78 USA_and_Canada-29.meta

Step 4

Fourth step, copy 2 files (associated with the map .pna and .meta) to folder insert_meta_from_Map_here

sample like this:


USA_and_Canada-29.meta (This name should match contents in file meta.txt)


Step 5

Fifth step, run RunMeforDCT.cmd, Select 1, Select 1, you will get results in folder insert_meta_from_Map_here. It's a new .dct file. (Unlocked file)

Step 6

Sixth step, copy this .dct file to map directory on your SD card.

Sample like this:


Step 7

You are done!