How to Unplug an Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables connect to various electronic devices including computers, routers and phones. These cables serve two important functions: connecting multiple devices to each other to create a network and connecting computers to the Internet. Unlike some electronic and computing equipment, Ethernet cables are simple devices that even the electronic novice can set up with little difficulty. Additionally, Ethernet cables share design similarities with the standard phone jack. If you've ever hooked up and removed a land line phone before, you can apply the same knowledge to Ethernet cables.

Ethernet cables conntect devices to each other and the internet.

Step 1

Turn off the device connected to the Ethernet cable.

Step 2

Locate the Ethernet cable outlet in your wall and follow the cable to the electronic or computing device. Look at the plug carefully to ensure you are in fact looking at an Ethernet cable. These cables look substantially similar to phone jacks with a slightly wider plug.

Step 3

Press down on the plastic clip located at the top or bottom of the plug. This clip anchors the cable into the wall. Pressing down on the clip releases the anchor.

Step 4

Pull the plug out from the device and also pull the plug from the wall.


Use wired twist ties to coil cables. This prevents multiple cables from getting tangled with each other.