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JavaScript has become a near-ubiquitous element of the modern internet. Considered by experts to be one of the three major technologies powering the internet, JavaScript is found on virtually all websites that feature a degree of interactivity or web applications. Because of JavaScript's widespread use amongst developers, web designers and large corporations, it is important for internet users to update the JavaScript on their computers on a regular basis. Failure to do so could reduce the functionality of your internet browser and render some internet applications inaccessible. Fortunately, updating JavaScript is accomplished relatively easily.


Initiating a JavaScript Update for Windows

Perhaps the easiest way to plan and execute a JavaScript update is to use the Java Auto Update tool available on the Windows operating system. This program regularly checks for updates and releases, ensuring that your particular software is properly maintained. The appeal of the JavaScript Auto Update tool is the convenience it offers. For those who simply want to install the software and avoid the need for manual update scheduling, the Auto Update is easily able to accommodate. This software also allows users to check for updates at any given time using manual settings.


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Initiating a JavaScript Update for Mac

Apple computers running the Mac OS X operating system include a Java Control Panel in the system settings. With this tool, Apple users can schedule regular checks for updates or press the "Update Now" button to begin a search for updates at any time. Much like the Java Auto Update tool found on Windows computers, the Java Control Panel runs without user oversight, ensuring that Java stays fully operational and updated as necessary. The Java Control Panel also provides users the option to skip a specific update version and wait for the next update if they prefer to do so.


Using JavaScript

Although updating JavaScript may seem like a tedious burden, it is important to remember that these updates facilitate usage of the internet to its fullest extent. If you rely on sophisticated web apps or other interactive tools, it may be necessary to update JavaScript as often as updates become available so that your daily interactive activities aren't impaired. For more information about JavaScript and the technology it powers, you can access the official Java website at JavaScript is a free download. If you don't currently have Java installed on your computer, you can download it at the website.





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