How to Update Multisim Database

Many electronics teachers use Multisim to teach their students about circuitry. This program includes the schematics to thousands of real-life circuits, giving instructors a near-endless supply of examples from which to draw. As new circuits develop, though, an older copy of Multisim can become outdated. Luckily, National Instruments offers a free file to update the database with all of the latest circuit schematics.

Updating the Mulisim database gives you the latest circuitry schematics.

Step 1

Download the "" file from the link in Resources below.

Step 2

Unzip the file. To do so, you will need a ZIP archive program like WinZip.

Step 3

Save the file titled "NI_Hardware_DB.prz" to your computer. You can do this by dragging and dropping it somewhere from the ZIP program.

Step 4

Open Multisim.

Step 5

Double-click the "NI_Hardware_DB.prz" you saved in Step 3.

Step 6

Select "User Database" under "Target Database" in the Multisim window that pops up.

Step 7

Click "Start."

Step 8

Wait for the update to complete. When it does, click "Close."

Step 9

Restart Multisim.

Things You'll Need


  • ZIP archive program

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