How to Upgrade an NDIS Driver

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An NDIS driver is a type of device driver on your computer that manages your machine's networking adapters. This driver allows your operating system to recognize the networking devices installed in your computer, which in turn allows you to go onto wired or wireless Internet connections. Upgrading an NDIS driver involves using the native Windows device driver management utility called "Device Manager."


Step 1

Click "Start."

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Step 2

Right click "Computer."

Step 3

Click "Properties."


Step 4

Click "Device Manager."

Step 5

Look for the "Network Adapters" listing in the "Device Manager." Beneath this listing will be the listing for all of your NDIS devices. Right click the listing for the NDIS that has a driver you want to upgrade and click "Properties." Click the "Driver" tab and select the "Update Driver..." button to connect to the Internet and have the "Device Manager" upgrade the driver for your NDIS device on your computer.




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