How to Upgrade Bluetooth

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Bluetooth technology is used in cell phones for connecting hands-free devices.

Bluetooth is short-range wireless technology. Bluetooth has been used in cell phones to connect hands-free devices to the phone without wires. Like most technologies, Bluetooth continues to evolve and get better with newer versions. If you have a cell phone or other standalone device, you can't upgrade the Bluetooth in the device; you'll have to wait until you purchase a new device with the next level of Bluetooth built-in. Bluetooth is also widely used in computers for connecting peripherals. You can upgrade the Bluetooth ability of your computer by installing a new adapter.


Step 1

Check what version of Bluetooth you have. Go to the Control Panel and click on "Hardware and Sound." Under "Devices and Printers" click on "Device Manager." Look at the hardware listed and see what version of Bluetooth is connected. If you already have the latest version, there is nothing to upgrade on your computer; you just need to buy devices that have the latest Bluetooth capabilities.


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Step 2

Find a Bluetooth adapter that is the current version. You can go to the Bluetooth SIG website to find the latest adapters (see Resources).

Step 3

Connect the Bluetooth adapter. Almost all of the adapters are USB adapters. Plug the adapter into any open USB port on your computer and your computer should now be updated to the next level of Bluetooth technology.





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