How to Upload Images on Imageshack

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How to Upload Images on Imageshack. Imageshack is an easy to use and free image hosting website on the Internet. You can create a profile and slide show as well as perform several other functions on Imageshack. It only takes a minute or less to upload an image on Imageshack.

Step 1

Start on the Imageshack loading page. In the center of the page you will see a box that allows you to upload your images (pictures and videos) in a few simple steps.


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Step 2

Choose the type of image that you are uploading. Imageshack gives you three choices: image, url or video.

Step 3

Browse through your files to find the image that you want Imageshack to host. The site permits the following types of images on their site: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff and swf. There are also size limitations on files.


Step 4

Click off any of the applicable setting changes. You can resize the image to fit your need for the image. The site can resize the image to fit emails, avatars, message boards and computer monitors.

Step 5

Continue by clicking on the "Host It" link. An uploading bar will appear and you'll have to wait for the site to upload the image.

Step 6

Record the URL given by the site. This URL can be used to put the image onto websites, emails, forums or other locations on the web.


There is a quick post option that can be used in conjunction with several websites. You can quickly post your image onto MySpace, Friendster and other sites instantly on Imageshack. You can use the Imageshack tools for additional ways to upload your images. These tools can help you upload an image from another website.