How to Use a Computer Keyboard With FL Studio

By Seamus Islwyn

Clicking around the FL Studio piano roll to enter MIDI notes can be a tedious process. If you want to play the instruments in this digital audio workstation in a more intuitive way, you can control them using your computer keyboard. FL Studio's "Typing Keyboard to Piano Keyboard" feature maps a virtual MIDI keyboard to your computer keyboard, allowing you to play virtuosic synthesizer melodies without attaching any external hardware to your computer.

Step 1

Launch FL Studio. Click "Options," then click "Typing Keyboard to Piano." The orange light next to the keyboard icon at the top of the screen illuminates.

Step 2

Right-click the keyboard icon. Click on the scale that you want to map to the computer keyboard. If you want to play in a blues scale, for example, select "Blues;" if you don't want to use any specific scale, select "Piano."

Step 3

Click "Channels," then "Add One." Click on the instrument that you want to play in FL Studio -- "Sakura," for example, or "Slayer."

Step 4

Press a key on the computer keyboard to play a note on the instrument. The number keys and the "ASDF" row correspond to the black keys on a piano keyboard; the other two rows play the white keys.

Tips & Warnings

  • To play a chord with the computer keyboard, hold down two or more keys at the same time.