How to Use a Microphone for Karaoke on a PC

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Karaoke usually is played and performed through a television, but it is possible to perform karaoke on a computer with a computer microphone. This works similarly to using a television. When you sing into the computer microphone, the audio is produced from the computer speakers, along with the music audio.


Step 1

Connect the computer microphone to the "Line-In" port on the computer system.


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Step 2

Turn on the computer speakers. Increase the volume so it is loud enough to hear yourself talk (or sing) through the microphone.


Step 3

Launch the karaoke video to which you want to sing. These karaoke videos are available online through a variety of sources, including YouTube.


Step 4

Play the video and sing into the microphone as the words appear on the screen. Both the music and the audio from the microphone play over the connected speakers.