How to Use a Polaroid One Step Camera

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The Polaroid One Step camera

The Polaroid One Step is a camera which captures instant images and has been popular with amateur photographers for decades. An instant camera is a fun and easy way to capture the moment. Even though the name touts "one step," there are basically three steps to using a Polaroid One Step camera.


Step 1

Load the film. Push the Polaroid film door latch located on the side of the camera forward to open the film door. Hold the film by its edges and push it into the film slot with the metal battery contact side facing down. Once the film has been completely inserted, close the film door. The motor will then run and eject the film's protective cover.

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Step 2

Shoot the camera. The Polaroid One Step is a point and shoot camera. The camera does not utilize focus features and has a built-in flash. All one needs to do in order to produce a clear and instant picture is touch the button with the index finger.


Hold the camera with your left hand, secure it with your right thumb and use your right index finger on the shutter release button to take a picture. This will capture the image and produce and instant, printed photograph as soon as the shot is taken.

Step 3

Watch the film develop. The genius of the instant camera is that you don't have to wait until you can connect the camera to a printer to get the images developed. With an instant camera, you get instant gratification. Load the film, shoot and watch the image develop before your eyes. The camera offers clear pictures with just the push of a button.


The Polaroid One Step offers built-in flash, built-in film and built-in simplicity, all designed for built-in fun. There is one minor glitch--Polaroid no longer makes the SX-70 Polaroid film, so you might have to do some digging to get the film.


If your photo is subject to bright or dark light, you can use the Lighten / Darken control knob on the camera to adjust the size of lens opening or aperture. The instant camera also has a switchable lens option for clearer close-up shots. The optional close-up lens gives a clearer image for shots taken between 2 and 4 feet.


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