How to Use Call Forwarding on Your Home Phone

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Call forwarding can ensure you'll never miss a phone call.

If you're expecting an important call on your home phone but won't be there to answer it, call forwarding is just the thing for you. With call forwarding enabled, you can send the call to another land line or to your cell phone.


Step 1

Pick up the phone receiver and listen for a dial tone.

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Step 2

Dial #72 or *72 to activate your call forwarding.

Step 3

Dial the 10-digit number to which you're forwarding your calls.


Step 4

Answer the forwarded call to confirm that call forwarding is in effect. If you're unable to answer the call because you're forwarding it to a land line rather than your cell phone, just repeat Steps 1 through 3 and wait for a confirmation tone to be sure that your call forwarding has taken effect.




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