How to Use Monarch Pro

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The Monarch Pro is a data-mining software that converts HTML files, text documents, PDFs, spreadsheets and other formats into data tables. The Monarch Pro will set a "trap" to capture the information stored on the file by reading the patterns in the document and creates its own tables. After the template is created, the software will extract the comparable data to the fields and create tables.


Step 1

Highlight one or more lines of your text from the original file.

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Step 2

Pick a pattern to "Trap" your data. The most common trap patterned type is the "identical" pattern. The identical pattern searches for a set of characters that are written exactly alike. For example, account numbers, names, addresses and so forth.

Step 3

Review the original file to ensure you haven't missed any lines that should have been trapped.


Step 4

Assign field names from the lines you trapped in your original file. Navigate to "Edit" then "Field List" to name the columns and rows. For example, create a column for names and account numbers and then rows for product and price, which creates an invoice.

Step 5

Click the "Table Window" below the menu bar. You should be able to view your table results. Export the table into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Dbase or text.