How to Use the F11 Button for System Restore

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Windows XP contains system recovery information, including the operating system, device drivers and software required for a complete system restoration, in a separate partition on your hard drive. You can set your operating system to create regular "restore points" so that you can roll back your system to a certain date. System recovery can be completed through a set of CDs or DVDs that you create, or directly from the restore partition by pressing the F11 key during system bootup.


Step 1

Start your computer.

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Step 2

Press the "F11" key within the first three seconds of the boot process.

Step 3

Click either the "Non-Destructive System Restore (Recommended)" option or the "Full System Restore (Destructive)" option.


Step 4

Follow the prompts to restore the system.

Step 5

Restart the computer when prompted.