How to Use the House Electrical Service for a TV Antenna

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House wiring can often be used to pull in difficult TV station signals.

House wiring is a giant coil of metal. Antennas are best deployed using as much metal as possible, and placed as high as is feasible. Recognizing this relationship, a few manufacturers have made adapters that allow the wiring of a house to turn the structure into a large loopstick antenna. Once connected, most consumers find acceptable reception where other conventional antenna types have failed.


Step 1

Screw the RG-6 coaxial cable into the "ANT" or "RF" coax input on the back of the television or tuner.

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Step 2

Screw the other end of the RG-6 cable into the "IN" coax input on the antenna/AC adapter module.

Step 3

Plug the antenna/AC adapter into the outlet nearest the television.

Things You'll Need

  • AC line antenna adapter

  • RG-6 coaxial cable


It is recommended you route the RG-6 cable from the adapter through a coax-enabled surge protector in case the adapter fails and passes AC. This is also useful to filter noise generated by household appliances which could possibly be on the same circuit.