How to Use the Speaker When Checking Voice Mail on an iPhone

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In iOS 7 and 8, the Phone app doesn't show the Speaker option in the corner of the page like older versions did. Apple hasn't removed the option to play your voice mail messages over the speaker; it just moved the toggle to a different place. Open a message first and then select Speaker to toggle the speakerphone on and off.

Step 1: Select a Message

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Open the Voicemail tab in the Phone app and tap the message you want to play.


Open Deleted Messages at the bottom of the Voicemail tab to listen to previously deleted voice mails. Until you tap Clear All on the Deleted page, deleted messages aren't erased, and they work just like undeleted messages.

Step 2: Play Using the Speaker

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Tap the Speaker button to switch to using the speaker and then tap the Play icon to listen to your voice mail over the speaker. As of iOS 8, the Speaker button text display as white on blue when using the speaker and as blue on white when using the phone earpiece.


  • Toggle the speaker on or off mid-playback to switch audio sources on the fly.
  • The Speaker setting carries over between messages, but it isn't saved permanently. After restarting your phone or force quitting the Phone app, you'll need to turn on the speaker again.


  • If you can't hear the message, turn up the volume and unplug anything connected to the audio port or the docking port. With headphones plugged in, for example, the message plays in the headphones regardless of the Speaker setting.
  • If you have a Bluetooth audio device connected, such as a wireless headset or your car, turn off Bluetooth temporarily to disconnect the device and play over the phone's speaker.