How to Use Your Computer to Receive Your Mobile Phone Calls

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Forward mobile phone calls to an online number to receive them on your computer.

Mobile phones afford you the luxury of placing and accepting calls from anywhere your service gets reception. At times, you may rather accept calls from your computer, especially if you spend prolonged periods of time at workstations where you do not have good mobile phone reception. In such instances, you may set up an online telephone number to which you can forward your mobile phone's calls. Depending on your service provider, doing so can be physically convenient and save you airtime minutes.


Step 1

Acquire an online phone number that you may use from your computer. Consider registering with Google Voice, Skype or Yahoo! Voice if you do not have an online phone number provider in mind. Of the options listed, only Google Voice provides free online numbers and incoming calls.

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Step 2

Contact your mobile phone provider's customer service or technical support department to request call forwarding or to find out if it is included in your plan.


Step 3

Give the customer service or technical support representative the online number to which you wish to forward your mobile calls. Alternatively, you may follow your mobile phone provider's instructions for call forwarding self-setup, if applicable. Request these instructions from a customer service or technical support representative if you are unsure about the procedure, as they vary by mobile phone carrier.



Step 4

Sign into your online telephone number provider's calling interface, if necessary.

Step 5

Test the call-forwarding service. Call your mobile phone number from another telephone and answer the online number from your computer. You will be able to use your computer to receive your mobile phone's calls after your successful test.



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