How to View Downloads in Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer, like other prominent Web browsers, allows you to access downloaded files from its main user interface. This enables you to launch or manage such files without the need to navigate to their actual location on your computer. Internet Explorer for Windows 8 provides convenient access to all active and completed downloads, operating in a similar fashion as earlier versions.


Step 1

Select the "Internet Explorer" icon available from the main Start screen as well as the desktop's taskbar. You can access the desktop view by clicking the "Desktop" tile from the default Start screen.

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Step 2

Select the Gear icon from the upper-right portion of the screen. This icon grants access to Internet Explorer's most common options and features.


Step 3

Choose "View Downloads" from the menu options to access the Internet Explorer Download Manager.


Step 4

Select "Run" or "Open" next to the download, depending on file type. For example, executable files are marked as "Run," while generic extensions (such as Word documents) are marked as "Open."



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