How to View iPhone Pictures on PC

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The Apple iPhone is a revolutionary smartphone used on the AT&T cellular network. The iPhone allows users to download apps, games, music and video directly to their devices over a 3G or Wi-Fi network. With the built-in camera and photo library, users can also capture and store images directly to their device. View images on your computer by connecting your iPhone via USB cable.


Step 1

Plug the dock connector end of your USB sync cable into your iPhone and the other end into an available USB port on your computer.

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Step 2

Click "Start" to access your computer's Start menu.


Step 3

Select "Computer" or "My Computer" from the list of available options in the left pane.

Step 4

Scroll to "Portable Devices."

Step 5

Select "iPhone" from the devices.



Step 6

Click the hard drive icon titled "Internal Storage" and access the folder titled "DCIM."

Step 7

View the pictures on your iPhone by accessing the folder titled "100APPLE." Access the screenshots of your iPhone by accessing the folder titled "999APPLE."



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