How to View My Cell Phone Log History

By Sara Hickman

When calls come in or go out, this information is recorded on the internal memory of the phone. This feature is easy to access on any model of a phone. Keep in mind there is a different log for incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Text messages that have not been deleted can also be accessed from the in-box and sent folders on a phone.

Step 1

Press the green "Call" button on your phone. Here you will see the most recent call log from the past week. Depending on the phone model, colors will differentiate which calls were incoming, outgoing or missed.

Step 2

Click the main menu on your phone. Choose "Missed Alerts" or similar wording to access your call log of missed calls.

Step 3

Click the main menu on your phone. Choose "History" or "Call Log" to view the incoming and outgoing calls. They will be labeled with a color or separated into categories.