How to View the Call History Detail for a Boost

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Locate phone numbers by viewing the call history.

Boost Mobile is a wireless, prepaid cell phone service provider that is a subsidiary of the Sprint Nextel corporation. It offers monthly plans with no contract requirements. One of the features Boost mobile provides is the ability to check the call history of the phone so that you can track down missed phone numbers or verify that you made calls to a specific number. You can view the call history straight from the Boost Mobile cell phone.


Step 1

Press the "OK" button on the Boost mobile phone. It will initiate the main menu display to appear.

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Step 2

Locate the "Call History" application.

Step 3

Click "OK."


Step 4

Select to view "Outgoing Calls," "Incoming Calls" or "Missed Calls."


Step 5

Press "OK" to confirm the selection you have made.



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