How to Wake on LAN With Ping

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The computer must be connected to the network using an Ethernet cable.

To remotely boot a computer on a network, you'll need a "Wake-On-LAN" supported network adapter. Once the adapter is installed, the computer can be "pinged" from another computer on the network to initiate the boot sequence. A ping is a signal sent from one computer to another and can be sent directly from the Command Prompt in Windows.


Step 1

Open the "Start" menu on the computer that will be pinged, then type "CMD" into the Search box and press "Enter."

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Step 2

Type "ipconfig/all" then press "Enter." Make note of the following items: Physical address, IP address and subnet mask.


Step 3

Open the Command Prompt on the computer from which you will be sending the wake-on-LAN command. Type "ping" followed by the computer that you will be sending the wake-on-LAN command's IP address. For example, if the IP address is "," type "ping" and press the "Enter" key. Look at the results and make note of the port number, if one is listed. If no port is listed, then by default, the port number is "7."


Step 4

Turn off the computer that will be remotely booted.


Step 5

Type "wolcmd" followed by the physical address, the IP address, the subnet mask and finally the port number into the Command Prompt. For example:


Computer A Physical Address: 009027a324fe IP Address: Subnet Mask: Port: 7

Enter "wolcmd 009027a324fe 7"

Step 6

Press the "Enter" key to send the command and boot the remote computer.

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