How to Watch Direct TV on a Laptop

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DirecTV anywhere from your laptop.

Now that TV signals are digital and can be acquired using satellites and tuners, you can watch the TV programs you like whenever you want. A signal can be received by portable media devices such as laptops that have the appropriate operating systems and access to the Internet. This portability allows access to DirecTV from just about anywhere. With DirecTV programming on-line, you can play live or prerecorded TV programs at your convenience.


Step 1

Visit the DirecTV website and search for the free down-loadable drivers.

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Step 2

Download the driver compatible with your operating system, called "DirecTV2PC," to your computer.

Step 3

Run the driver you have downloaded. This will automatically allow the laptop tuner to connect with DirecTV without having to perform any additional steps.


Step 4

Choose the program you would like to watch from the guide or list of prerecorded shows.




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