How to Wear a Bluetooth Headset

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How to Wear a Bluetooth Headset. A Bluetooth headset is fast becoming a mandatory accessory for any cell phone user. The market for Bluetooth headsets, which are capable of providing hands-free calling, has gone through the roof. Once considered a high-end luxury, quality Bluetooth headsets are now available at all price points. There are several different designs available, and choosing one depends on what's most comfortable for you to wear.


Choose a Bluetooth Headset that Fits Comfortably

Step 1

Choose a Bluetooth design that fits into your ear with an ear bud. The ear bud is covered by contoured soft gel inserts that come with the unit in varying sizes. Test different sizes to find one that fits snugly enough to block out ambient sound but isn't too uncomfortable when worn for several hours.


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Step 2

Select a Bluetooth headset designed to be hooked around your ear. The ear hooks stabilize the unit and should be molded to match the contours of your ear for comfort. These types of Bluetooth headsets tend to be more comfortable than ear bud designs, but can be less secure on your ear.

Step 3

Pick the Bluetooth headset design that features the bulk of the unit hugging the ear. Usually featuring a microphone that extends towards the mouth, these units are flexible enough to adjust to the size of your ear for comfort.


Step 4

Consider a Bluetooth headset with ear buds that wrap around both ears and join at the nape of your neck. If you plan on using your headset to listen to music in addition to talking on the phone, this will allow you to hear sound in stereo and is a sturdy design.

Step 5

Use a Bluetooth headset that looks like headphones when working on the computer for long periods of time. You'll get all the cord-free benefits of Bluetooth, but the comfort of ordinary headphones.


Step 6

Consider a necklace Bluetooth headset if you find it uncomfortable to wear the on-the-ear design. Featuring retractable ear buds, these units hang around the neck like a pendant.


Buy a Bluetooth car kit for your car if you find it uncomfortable to wear a Bluetooth headset but still want the safety and convenience of hands-free communication while you drive. Some ear-bud Bluetooth headsets also have detachable ear hooks for additional stability. Compare the weight of Bluetooth headsets you are considering. Lightweight units are more comfortable, but you sometimes have to sacrifice battery life.


Try on the style of headset you are considering before buying, or buy from a store with a generous return policy. You may find your headset uncomfortable once you wear it for a few hours.