How to Win Prizes Instantly, Win Contests with PCH

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A white van with the PCH Prize Patrol could show up in front of your house and you can win a million of dollars if you fill out those surveys sent from PCH in the mail. If you want to have a more active role in winning from publishers clearing house then go online. They have free sweepstakes contest that you could win from a dollar, free movie passes, or even million of dollars.


Step 1

The first step is to go on the website

Step 2

PC Lotto is fun because you can win 5 prizes(a million, $250,000, 50,000 or $5,000 towards credit card debt). You simply pick 8 numbers for each contest. You are required to sign up with your name and address. The last prize is an instant win. You simply scratch the card and win the amount. It is that easy! You get your confirmation in the email. The next day they select the numbers and you could win! You get one entry of each winning a day.


Step 3

The next is PCH games. You first register to play. The games consist of card games, word games, casino games, sports games, and etc. You win tokens so that you can spin the wheel. On the wheel you win even more tokens to enter the sweepstakes.

Step 4

PCH trivia also another game you can play. The tokens can be transferred from games to trivia. You also have to register to play with your name, address, and email account. The tokens are then used to play different sweepstakes where you win cash prizes and gift cards.


Step 5

PCH sctrach cards are another way to instantly win. You register again to win. All you do is sctrach the card with an electronic penny and you could win $500.00 on the spot. You get three cards a day.

Step 6

PCH Quiz4 Cash is a fun way to win money. You first register. Next they give you a list of 12 quiz. You choose one. You have 15 seconds to answer the question. The less time the more points with the points equalling your time. You have a total of 6-7 questions. The points will help you spin the wheel. On the wheel, you have a chance of winning the jackpot of the day to more points so that you can spin the wheel more. It is very fun and exciting.


Step 7

PCH Search and Win gives you a chance to win movie tickets, cash, gift cards, etc. You simply register. Type in what you want to search the internet you and instantly you could win a prize. You get one entry a day.

Step 8

PCH also has their sweepstakes that is broadcasted on television. You can also sign up to win this as well by registering. It is fun, quick, and exciting.

Things You'll Need

  • a computer

  • internet access

  • email account


They do send you emails so opt out if you do not want them.