How to Zoom Out on Dell Laptops

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Like all computers with Windows operating system, Dell laptops have the ability for the screen to zoom in and out. Zooming in or out increases or decreases everything that is on the screen. This feature comes in especially handy when text on certain websites is too small to read at normal size. It is also possible to make the screen zoom in accidentally, which can cause a lot of frustration. If you come across this problem and do not know how to zoom back out, there is no need to stress. Zooming out on a Dell laptop is as easy as pressing two buttons on a keyboard.


Step 1

Press and hold the "Ctrl" button on the keyboard. Either of the "Ctrl" buttons can be used as the both serve the same purpose.

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Step 2

Press the dash "-" button one time to make the screen zoom out. If you would like to zoom it out more, continue to press the dash button until the screen is where you want it to be. Press the plus "+" button if you need to zoom the screen back in.



Step 3

Let go of the "Ctrl" button once the screen is where you want it to be. Adjust the zoom level of the screen as often as necessary.




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