I Can't Zoom Back out From a Character in World of Warcraft

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In "World of Warcraft," you can zoom in and out on your character using your mouse scroll wheel or specific keyboard keys. If the keys or scroll wheel do not work to control your character zoom and the zoom is stuck, try a few different things to resolve the problem.


Max Camera Distance

Control and maximum and minimum camera zoom in "World of Warcraft" by accessing the "Camera" interface options. To access the Camera interface options, press the "Esc" key, click "Interface" and click on "Camera" in the left window pane. Click the "Max Camera Distance" slider and move it toward "Near" to decrease the maximum allowable camera zoom or toward "Far" to increase the maximum allowable camera zoom from your character.


Changing Camera Zoom With Mouse

Zoom in and out from your "World of Warcraft" character by rotating the mouse wheel on your mouse. Rotate the mouse wheel forward to zoom in and enter a first person viewing mode, or rotate the mouse wheel backward to zoom out to the maximum allowable camera distance. Change the max camera distance in the "Camera" interface options. Additionally, adjust the vertical or horizontal position of the camera by clicking on the screen and dragging it up or down or left or right.


Changing Camera Zoom With Keyboard

If your mouse does not have a scroll wheel, zoom in and out from your "World of Warcraft" character by pressing the "Home" and "End" keys on your keyboard. Press the "Home" key to zoom in; press the "End" key to zoom out. When zooming in and out using the keyboard keys, the vertical perspective changes automatically. You can only zoom out to the max camera distance set in the "Camera" interface options.

Zoom Is Stuck

Occasionally, your zoom may become stuck and not respond to the mouse wheel or keyboard keys. If neither work, first try exiting the game and restarting it. If still not working, press the "Esc" key, select "Key Bindings" and click the "Reset To Default" button. If still not unable to zoom out, close the game and delete the "WTF," "Cache" and "Interface" folders from the "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft" file directory on your computer. This resets all interface options to the default values.