Instructions for a Motorola TalkAbout 250

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The Motorola TalkAbout 250 is a hand-held radio that is similar to a walkie talkie. The device features a big "Push to Talk" button to contact another radio on the same frequency. This allows communication in an area where cellphone reception is too low, such as hiking in the woods. A Motorola TalkAbout 250 has a range of up to two miles, enabling communication over lengthy distances.


Step 1

Insert new batteries into the device by removing the battery cover on the back of the radio. Take out the old batteries and insert new ones. Replace the battery cover.

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Step 2

Turn on the radio by pressing the red button that is on the front of the device. Hold the button down until you hear a beep sound.


Step 3

Press the "Up"and "Down" buttons near the LCD display to select a channel. To communicate with each other, other TalkAbout 250 radios need to be on the same channel.

Step 4

Turn the "Volume" dial that is on the left of the radio to increase and decrease the volume level. Set the level to a suitable level based on your personal preference.



Step 5

Press the "Push to Talk" button that is located at the center of the radio to talk to others using the same type of radio. Release the button to hear the response on the radio.




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