My iPhone Doesn't Show Up in iTunes

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The iPhone requires the iTunes software to transfer music, video and images. When you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes should detect the connected iPhone and list it under "Devices" in the software's left-hand pane. If your iPhone doesn't show up in iTunes, you won't be able to manage content on the device. Several problems, including a weak battery and outdated software, may prevent your iPhone from showing up in iTunes.


Step 1

Recharge the iPhone's battery until it's completely charged. To charge the iPhone, insert the iPhone's USB cord into the Dock Connector on the bottom of the iPhone. Plug the other end of the USB cord into the computer's USB port or the power adapter. If using a power adapter, plug it into a power outlet. Once the iPhone is fully charged, open iTunes.


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Step 2

Unplug any unnecessary devices from the computer's USB ports. Plug the iPhone's USB cable into another USB port on your computer, as USB ports can sometimes fail. Plug the iPhone directly into the computer's USB interface, not into a USB hub. Open iTunes and see if the iPhone is now visible.


Step 3

Unplug the iPhone from the computer. Turn the iPhone off, then on. Hold down the iPhone's "Sleep/Wake" button, which is located on the top of the phone, until the red slider appears. Slide the slider with your finger. Hold the "Sleep/Wake" button again until the Apple logo appears. Plug the iPhone into the computer and open iTunes.


Step 4

Unplug the iPhone from the computer. Download the latest version of iTunes (see Resources). Install the software. Connect the iPhone to the computer using its USB cable. Open iTunes, if it doesn't open automatically, and verify that the iPhone is recognized.


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