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The Polaroid PoGo printer is designed to let camera-phone and digital camera users print images while on-the-go. Even though the device connects to cellphones via a Bluetooth connection, it isn't compatible with Apple's Bluetooth-ready iPhone. Instead, to print an image stored on your iPhone using the Polaroid PoGo, you must transfer the image to the computer and then print the image using the computer's default image-viewer application.


Connect the iPhone

Before you can transfer the photos over to the computer you're going to print from, you must connect the iPhone to the computer. Every iPhone comes with a USB connection cable that has a standard USB connector on one end and a proprietary iPod dock connector on the opposite end. To connect the iPhone to the computer, plug the standard end of the USB connection cable into the computer's standard USB port and plug the dock connector end of the USB cable into the iPhone's dock connector port.

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Transfer Photos to Computer

Most of the media stored on your iPhone device is managed through the iTunes application. The photos that are stored on your device, however, can be managed outside of iTunes. To import the photos stored on your iPhone's camera onto the computer, click the "Start" button in the computer's task bar and select the "Computer" option. Right-click the iPhone's removable storage device icon and select the "Import pictures and videos" option. Select a destination folder for the imported photos and click the "Import" button to transfer the photos from the iPhone to the computer.


Pair the Printer

Before you can use any Bluetooth device with your computer, including the Polaroid PoGo printer, you must pair the two devices. Click the "Start" button in the computer's task bar and select the "Control Panel" option. Click the "Hardware and Sound" option, followed by the "Printers" option. Click the "Add a Printer" button. The computer will now search for the PoGo printer. Once the printer has been found, select the "Pair" option and enter the passcode "6000" to pair the two devices.



With the printer connected to the computer and the images stored on the computer's hard drive, you're ready to print the iPhone images with the PoGo printer. Double-click the image that you want to print to open the image in the computer's default image viewer. Click the "File" menu and select the "Print" option from the drop-down menu that appears. Select the Polaroid PoGo printer from the list of available printers, and click the "Print" button. The iPhone photo will now be printed with the PoGo printer.



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