Is There a Way to Find All Italicized Words in a Word Doc?

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In most cases a certain word or phrase is all you need when you're searching through a Word document. But on occasion you may want to find something other than a word. You are likely already familiar with Word's find-and-replace function, a function that can quickly find words or phrases and replace them with something else. However, Word is capable of finding graphics, punctuation, formatting and even font styles such as italics.


Step 1

Open the Word document that contains the italicized words you want to find.

Step 2

Click the Home tab in the ribbon, if it is not already visible.

Step 3

Click Editing, then click the down arrow next to Find and select Advanced Find. A Find and Replace window will open.

Step 4

Click the "More" button to reveal other options.


Step 5

Click the "Format" button at the very bottom of the window and select Font. A new font window will open.

Step 6

Select Italic in the "Font style" window. Click "OK." You will be returned to the previous Find and Replace window.

Step 7

Click "Find Next" to begin finding all italicized words.


To replace the italicized words with non-italicized words, click the Replace tab in the Find and Replace window and click inside the “Replace with” box. Go to Format, then select Font again, and select Regular as your font style. Proceed with Find Next or Replace as needed.