Line Problems on My LCD Vizio TV

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Line problems appearing on your Vizio LCD TV can make it difficult to watch anything. Lines can appear as a result of signal problems or interference, bad connections or resolution incompatibility with other devices. Most problems with lines on a Vizio LCD TV can be resolved if you troubleshoot the device.


Bad Signal

If your antenna is poorly positioned or is picking up interference from large metal objects, lines on the screen can be the outcome. Move the antenna so it's pointing as unobstructed as possible at the sky. Also, electrical devices near the antenna can interfere with the signal and also cause lines on the screen.


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HD Cable Channels

Some cable signals are transmitted in such a way that viewing the channel in anything other than its native resolution can result in some sort of screen distortion, such as lines on the screen. Change the aspect ratio of high definition channels pulled through your cable provider to their native 16:9 resolution.


Electrical Devices

Signals being sent and received by electrical devices near the TV can interfere with how the picture is displayed and can result in on-screen problems, such as lines. Move devices such as radios, cell phones and portable media devices a minimum of five feet from your Vizio LCD TV. Also, high-power devices such as power tools that are plugged into the same outlet or power strip can cause lines on the screen because there are too many high-power devices sharing an outlet.



Loosely connected video cables can cause lines to appear on a Vizio LCD TV screen. Push all of the cables connecting any external devices to the TV firmly into any connecting jacks. Damaged cables can also result in lines on the screen because the data is not transferred as efficiently.


Output Settings

External devices that are not outputting video in a resolution compatible with your Vizio LCD TV can also result in lines on the screen; this is especially common with computer's connected to your Vizio. Because supported resolutions vary between Vizio TVs, check the list of supported resolutions provided in the manual that came with your Vizio LCD TV.




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