Magnavox DVD Player Troubleshooting

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Magnavox manufactures multiple types of electronics, including a line of DVD players. Features of a Magnavox DVD player may include MP3 playback, multiple disc formats supported, S-video output and recording capabilities. Although you can troubleshoot a Magnavox DVD player on your own, you should not attempt to make any repairs. Repair attempts can void your warranty.


Audio Issues

If the sound is distorted while using your Magnavox DVD player, check that all cables are securely plugged in. If the DVD player is connected to a stereo or surround system, check those audio cables.

Video of the Day

In the case you don't hear any audio, try to adjust the volume and make sure you have not accidentally pressed the "Mute" key with your Magnavox remote. All digital connections should be reviewed as well. Set the digital output to "PCM" if your receiver is unable to decode MPEG-2 or DTS.


Distorted Picture

Examine the DVD that you have placed inside the Magnavox DVD player. If it is badly scratched or dirty, it may not play or the images may look distorted on screen. Clean the disc or use another one depending on the condition.

Look at the settings for the DVD player to make sure they match up with the TV that you are using. The picture may look distorted or appear in black and white if the NTSC/PAL setting does not match the video signal of the television. If you are still having distortion issues after switching modes, select "Standard" under the "Picture" menu of the Magnavox DVD player menu.


Other Problems

If the DVD player fails to operate, try to reset the unit by switching it off and removing the plug from the wall. Wait a minute and then restart the DVD player. If a disc will not play when you place it inside of the unit, make sure the disc label is facing up and that if it is a recorded DVD that it has gone through the finalization process.

Replace the batteries in the remote if it fails to control the Magnavox DVD player. Also, make sure the remote sensors are not blocked by anything during use. If you are a far distance away, you may need to move closer to the DVD player before the device picks up the signal from the remote.