How to Make the Print Larger on a Computer Screen

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The best display size for text on a computer varies from person to person. Depending on the age and eyesight of the individual, as well as personal preferences, text and images can be adjusted to be larger or smaller.

Step 1

Click once on the Windows "Start" button, and select "Control Panel."


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Step 2

Click once on the "Appearance and Personalization" link to the right of the Control Panel window.


Step 3

Click once on the "Adjust screen resolution" link under the "Personalization" section of the window.


Step 4

Slide the arrow under the "Resolution" section of the "Display Settings" window to the left. To move the arrow, click once on the arrow and slide it to the left while holding down the mouse button. As you move the arrow to the left, the resolution decreases. This means that fewer pixels will be viewable on the screen, and the text and images will be larger as a result. On most monitors, "800 by 600 pixels" will be the lowest resolution, resulting in the largest print.



Step 5

Click once on the "Apply" button to preview the new resolution setting.


Step 6

Click once on the "Yes" button on the pop up window if you choose to keep the new setting. Click once on the "No" button to decline the new setting. If you do not click on the "Yes" or "No" buttons, the original resolution will return in about 15 seconds.


Step 7

Enable the "zoom" feature by simultaneously pressing the "Command," "Option" and "8" keys. Depending on the age of your Apple computer, the "Command" key is represented by an "open apple" logo or the word "Command."

Step 8

Press the "+" key while holding down the "Command" key to increase the text size on the screen.


Step 9

Decrease the text size, if you have increased it too much, by pressing the "-" key while holding down the "Command" button.



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