How to Make Strikethrough a Different Color in Word

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The strikethrough function in Microsoft Word allows users to place a line through the center of a word or group of words. A user can change the strikethrough line color by changing the text color. However, to use a line color different than the text color, the user must draw a line and place it over the text. The user then has the drawing toolbar to manipulate the line to reach the color and thickness she requires.


Step 1

Open the document in Word and locate the text you will place a strikethrough line on. Click "Insert" followed by "Shapes."

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Step 2

Select "Line."

Step 3

Position the cursor at the point you want to start the strikethrough.

Step 4

Press and hold the left mouse key and draw the line through word or words.


Step 5

Click on the line to pull up the "Drawing Tools" toolbar.

Step 6

Press the "More" button, marked by a downward-pointing arrow under a horizontal line, and select the color you prefer.