My Comcast DVR Can't Delete Saved Programs

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Resetting a Comcast cable receiver may correct DVR problems.
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Comcast offers digital video recorder (DVR) as an add-on to their digital cable packages. For an extra fee, Comcast subscribers can record their favorite programs as digital video files that can be watched at any time. Once a program is watched on the DVR service, it can be deleted to make room for more programs. However, some users may encounter problems when trying to delete saved programs from their Comcast DVR service.


Explanation of Problem

The reason some Comcast DVRs are unable to delete saved programs is due to a problem with the database where your digital video recordings are stored. Sometimes, this database becomes corrupted and some functions of the Comcast DVR will not work properly, such as the ability to delete saved programs.


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When experiencing problems with deleting saved programs with your Comcast DVR service, you will need to reset the system. To accomplish this task, all you will need to do is unplug the Comcast cable receiver from the power outlet and leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds. Plug the device back into the power outlet and press the "Power" button on the Comcast cable receiver or on your Comcast remote. You should now be able to delete the saved programs from the DVR.


Persisting Problems

If unplugging the Comcast cable receiver does not allow you to delete saved programs from the DVR, then the device might not have reset. One way to tell is that program guide information will not be displayed for a few minutes after reset. Try leaving the receiver unplugged for around 30 minutes before plugging it back into the wall outlet.


Contact Customer Support

If both attempts to reset the Comcast cable receiver does not correct the problem, it is likely that your receiver needs replaced. You will need to contact Comcast's customer support to schedule a technician to come to your home by calling 1-800-266-2278. Unfortunately, when the receiver is replaced, you will also lose any programs that are currently saved on your DVR.