My iPhone Is Not Turning On & Flashing a Red Battery

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Your iPhone, like most modern smart devices, monitors its battery and various systems constantly to ensure that it can continue to function as intended. While most of this data is collected and used in the background away from a user's eyes, some of the most important information is communicated to the iPhone user in the form of notifications and icons at the top of the screen. The most common of these is the battery icon in the top corner that illustrates the battery charge. These notifications persist even when the phone shuts down due to low power. Icons flashed to the user who is attempting to turn on the phone communicate the phone's status quickly.


iPhone Red Battery Icon Meaning

A common message a user receives from a smart device is a notification that the device requires more power to operate. On the iPhone, a red battery icon provides this message. When your iPhone displays this icon on its screen and refuses to turn on, it's a sure sign that your phone's battery is nearly dead and desperately needs a charge. Plugging it into a charger changes the message in response. The iPhone may no longer be blinking a red battery and lightning bolt symbol while the device charges, but it still has too little power to properly function. You need to wait for a while before using it.


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Monitoring Your iPhone's Power

Having your smartphone die suddenly can create problems, particularly if you rely on your phone for directions, transactions, or to get onto a method of transportation. To minimize the risk of your iPhone shutting off suddenly, pay attention to the battery icon and fully charge the phone regularly.


Red Battery While Plugged In

If your iPhone is plugged into a charger and, after some time, still displays a red battery icon, it signals a problem. Typically, this is a sign that the charger isn't functioning properly. Either the outlet isn't delivering power, the charger isn't fully plugged in, or the charging cable connected to your iPhone is faulty and is in need of replacement. If testing with another device shows that the charger is fine, the problem could also be a sign of a battery issue within the iPhone itself. If this is the case, take your iPhone to an Apple Store or certified technician immediately, as there may be an internal issue preventing your iPhone from either charging or powering on.





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