My Vizio Won't Turn On

Ah...time to relax and watch your favorite program on your VIZIO TV. But wait. It doesn't seem to be turning on when you push the power button. Calm down. There's not need for instant panic. A few, simple that could be causing this which are easily resolved.


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Remote Control

If you're using the remote to try to turn the television on, the issue may be remote-related. Take a look at the batteries to make sure they are inserted properly. If so, the batteries may be weak or dead and need to be replaced. Another common cause of the remote not working is the wrong device is selected. On the first row of buttons, on top of your VIZIO remote control, press TV to ensure proper function.

No Power

If you've determined that the issue is with TV itself, the issue could be lack of power to the device. Ensure the plug is securely attached to the TV and the wall outlet. If it is, use another device with a power cord to check the outlet itself.

Wrong Input

If your VIZIO seems to be powering up, but there is no image or sound on the screen, make sure you have selected the correct input. Press the Input button on your VIZIO remote control and select the input you wish to use.

No Resolution

If you've tried all of the above solutions and still your VIZIO won't turn on, contact the VIZIO support staff. VIZIO requests you have your model number, serial number and date of purchase available before you call or contact.

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