No Signal Problem With Time Warner Cable

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Time Warner Cable boasts more than 12 million cable TV subscribers as of September 2011.

Time Warner Cable is the country's second largest cable provider, serving more than 14 million customers in 28 states. In addition to its television services, Time Warner Cable also offers Internet and digital phone services at both the residential and business levels. Cable is relayed into subscribers' homes using coaxial cable and, for digital service subscribers, a digital receiver box. Problems involving this connection system can result in a loss of signal.


Connection Problems

Time Warner Cable's cable TV troubleshooting guide urges subscribers experiencing signal problems to check the connection between your receiver box and your television before contacting customer support for help. First, make sure the coaxial cable connecting the receiver to the television are screwed in completely. Next, check that the cable is not frayed, bent or damaged in any manner that could impair the signal. Also examine the coaxial cable running between the box and the source outlet; for non-digital subscribers who do not have a receiver box, this cable connects the television directly to the outlet.


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Resetting the Receiver Box

Rebooting the receiver box helps solve most signal problems. If your television is displaying a message that reads "No Data" -- indicating the signal is not making it from the receiver box to your television -- locate the "Volume +," "Volume -" and "Info" buttons on your receiver box. Press and hold these buttons simultaneously until the time disappears from the receiver box. Your TV's screen will be blue during the rebooting process. When the correct time reappears on the box, press the "Power" button on it once to turn the now rebooted box back on. This should alleviate most signal problems.


Self-Diagnostic Check

If rebooting your receiver box did not solve your "No Signal" or "No Data" problems, Time Warner Cable's troubleshooting guide offers more steps to try before calling customer support. First, make sure your cable box is turned on; it sounds simple, but if your TV is on -- and searching for a signal -- and the receiver box is off, your TV may notify you that you have no signal. Next, check that your television is set to Channel 3 or CATV; if your television is not set to the right channel or audio/visual setting, it won't know where to look for the cable signal in the first place. Browse through your cable channels to see if the signal loss applies to all channels; if it only affects your local channels, your high-definition channels or just one channel, it is most likely a problem on the part of the individual station or Time Warner itself.


Calling Time Warner Cable

Once you've run through the troubleshooting and self-diagnostic tips outlined by Time Warner Cable -- and the signal problem persists -- it's time to contact the company for support. In some cases, a customer service representative may be able to tell you the source of the problem, such as construction or repairs to underground cables in your area. In other cases, a service call will be necessary to check the situation. Customers are not charged for service calls from Time Warner Cable technicians. Contact information for regional Time Warner Cable offices is available online at You will be asked to type in your ZIP code.