How to Open a Gmail Account

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How to Open a Gmail Account. Gmail offers free Web-based email to Internet users in many countries in over 40 languages. Although it began as an invitation-only service in 2004, it switched over to general registration for the public in 2007. Its initial one gigabyte guaranteed free storage set a new standard for other free Web-based email providers. Customers can register for a Gmail account through Google, and enjoy other services in addition to email.


Step 1

Go to the Google search engine front page. Choose the Gmail link at the top of the screen. You'll see the login and general information page. Click on "Sign up for Gmail" under the login box.

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Step 2

Complete the "Create an account" page. Check availability for your desired log-in name. Enter a password. Gmail will rate your password as strong or weak. Click on "Password Strength" and open a pop-up window that will explain details about password security.


Step 3

Answer security questions. Then fill out an anti-spam word verification entry and check "I Accept" under "Terms Of Service." You'll be transferred to a welcome page with more information about Gmail.

Step 4

Click "I'm Ready. Show Me My Account" to start using your Google-mail account. Open and read the introductory email from the Google team to find out about Gmail's special features, like the instant "grouping" of related messages and extra storage space.


Step 5

Learn about other Gmail functions. There's a keyword-related search mode and a filing system that allows you to give sub-labels to each folder you create. Take the Gmail Tour by clicking on the text link on the "Getting Started with Gmail page.