How to Overlap Pictures in Paint

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Professional and amateur graphics artists alike have long overlooked Windows' free graphics application, Paint. But Windows 7 has breathed new life into this old accessory. Like newer versions of other Microsoft programs, Paint now has a ribbon where various tools and options are displayed. New editing tools such as brushes and shapes have also been added. With the resizing tool, you can place images on top of one another for an overlapping effect.


Step 1

Click the "Start" menu button. Point to "All Programs" and then click "Accessories." Click "Paint" to launch Windows 7's Paint application.

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Step 2

Click the blue Paint icon in the upper-left corner of the Paint window. Click "Open."

Step 3

Browse the computer to find a picture to use. Click "Open." Paint will open the picture file.


Step 4

Click the arrow under "Paste." The "Paste" button is in "Clipboard" on the "Home" tab.

Step 5

Select "Paste from" from the drop-down list.

Step 6

Locate another picture on the computer. Click "Open." The selected picture will appear in full size on top of the open image.

Step 7

Click "Resize" to adjust the size of the picture if needed. You can change the size by pixels or by percentage. Remember to check "Maintain aspect ratio" to prevent distortion.


Step 8

Click "OK." Click and drag the picture over the image in the background. The pictures will now appear to overlap each other. When you are satisfied, click the Paint icon and click "Save As." Type a name and save the new file.


Do not click "File" and then "Save" if you do not want to overwrite the original file. To prevent accidental overwriting, start a new Paint document and paste all the pictures you want to use in it, one at a time.

Once you deselect a selected area in Paint, it becomes part of the background.